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TimeTraveller on Windows 10

Just upgraded two of our own office machines to Windows 10 and found that TimeTraveller works fine on the new Microsoft OS version. The notifications when you move to a new location look beautiful in the new Windows “notification center”.  But apart from that TimeTraveller just works as usual:


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Myanmar’s half-hour-off time zone

In our quest to travel to ever more special places so see TimeTraveller perform its duties your devoted Godot & Co team recently went to Myanmar. Myanmar is still better known as Burma and is somewhat of a blank spot on most Asia travellers map. Until recently it was somewhat inaccessible due to government policies but has opened up considerably during the last couple of years. And that is a good thing. It’s beautiful country with wonderful people. And it has a peculiar time zone.
Yes, forget about the golden pagodas, the 3000 historic stupas of Bagan, the excellent food or the unspoilt beaches. There is an invisible temporal distortion field over all this: The half-hour-off time zone.
Mynamar’s official time zone is UTC+6.30, half an hour ahead of neighbouring Bangkok.
Well, if you think about it there is theoretical limit to have only full-hour steps between time zones. It is just a convenience to make it easier for travellers and businesspeople to figure out the time at a destination and business partners.

TimeTraveller in Myanmar

TimeTraveller just switched to Myanmar Standard Time Zone

TimeTraveller did it’s job anyway and updated our computers time zone to the correct value. WiFi is still quite slow around Myanmar by the way and mobile internet very hard to get too. But the country is very well worth a visit.

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TimeTraveller in Shanghai

We’ve gone to a little scouting mission to Shanghai, China and are happy to report that TimeTraveller works fine here too.
But we found that the VPN connections that many expats use here to circumvent the great Chinese firewall can sometimes trick TimeTraveller to see the wrong location. To solve that we have updated TimeTraveller to ignore popular firewalls. If you have that problem please uninstall your old version and then download and install the new version from our website. The new version will only update the time based on straight internet connections and will ignore all the VPN tunnel connections. Let us know if there are any problems left there, for example with specific VPN services.
Automatically detected Chinese Timezone

By the way: Shanghai is a very interesting city. You can feel the energy of change here and see that China has come a long way. It’s big alright – 23 million people live here but some parts actually have a real neighbourhood feeling. Try the “Former French Concession” area around Wukang Road for that. There’s cafe’s and restaurants and tree-lined streets – not what you would expect for such a mega city.

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Bitcoins accepted here!

In addition to credit cards we’ve just added Bitcoins as a means of payment in our online shop. Don’t know what Bitcoins are? It’s online cash – secure, anonymous and fast.  Read more about it at bitcoin.org.



We think it’s a brilliant concept and we love the fact that we don’t need to take any of your sensitive data for the transaction. No more filling out dozens of form fields, just an email address is enough.

To make the process straightforward and secure we are using the excellent BitPay.com service. When you click on the Bitcoin “buy now” button in our web shop  a bitpay.com window will pop up showing the amount in BTC and a handy QR code. You can either scan the code with any mobile wallet or click on a payment button to open your Bitcoin wallet software. The bitcoin target address and amount will show up preset to the correct values. Once you transfer the amount you’ll be automatically redirected back to our site and your license code is displayed. It is really simple.


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Launch day!

Today’s the day. We are launching the Godot & Co. web site and our first product, TimeTraveller.

Ah, you’ve been waiting for Godot & Co. to launch for months but finally the launch day is here. We think the time we put into the development was worth it: In a tradition adhered to by generations of software developers before us we put in a pre-launch all-weekend work-and-test frenzy to get everything finished and polished. And here we are with our shiny new web site (do hit your browser refresh button once or twice on our home page to see just how shiny it is) and our very first product.

Give TimeTraveller a go, install it, forget all about it and just enjoy how from now on your computer clock will follow local time on all your travels.

Get in touch by email, chat or phone any time if you have questions or comments. We love to hear from you!


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