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Bitcoins accepted here!

In addition to credit cards we’ve just added Bitcoins as a means of payment in our online shop. Don’t know what Bitcoins are? It’s online cash – secure, anonymous and fast.  Read more about it at bitcoin.org.



We think it’s a brilliant concept and we love the fact that we don’t need to take any of your sensitive data for the transaction. No more filling out dozens of form fields, just an email address is enough.

To make the process straightforward and secure we are using the excellent BitPay.com service. When you click on the Bitcoin “buy now” button in our web shop  a bitpay.com window will pop up showing the amount in BTC and a handy QR code. You can either scan the code with any mobile wallet or click on a payment button to open your Bitcoin wallet software. The bitcoin target address and amount will show up preset to the correct values. Once you transfer the amount you’ll be automatically redirected back to our site and your license code is displayed. It is really simple.


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