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Launch day!

Today’s the day. We are launching the Godot & Co. web site and our first product, TimeTraveller.

Ah, you’ve been waiting for Godot & Co. to launch for months but finally the launch day is here. We think the time we put into the development was worth it: In a tradition adhered to by generations of software developers before us we put in a pre-launch all-weekend work-and-test frenzy to get everything finished and polished. And here we are with our shiny new web site (do hit your browser refresh button once or twice on our home page to see just how shiny it is) and our very first product.

Give TimeTraveller a go, install it, forget all about it and just enjoy how from now on your computer clock will follow local time on all your travels.

Get in touch by email, chat or phone any time if you have questions or comments. We love to hear from you!


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