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Myanmar’s half-hour-off time zone

In our quest to travel to ever more special places so see TimeTraveller perform its duties your devoted Godot & Co team recently went to Myanmar. Myanmar is still better known as Burma and is somewhat of a blank spot on most Asia travellers map. Until recently it was somewhat inaccessible due to government policies but has opened up considerably during the last couple of years. And that is a good thing. It’s beautiful country with wonderful people. And it has a peculiar time zone.
Yes, forget about the golden pagodas, the 3000 historic stupas of Bagan, the excellent food or the unspoilt beaches. There is an invisible temporal distortion field over all this: The half-hour-off time zone.
Mynamar’s official time zone is UTC+6.30, half an hour ahead of neighbouring Bangkok.
Well, if you think about it there is theoretical limit to have only full-hour steps between time zones. It is just a convenience to make it easier for travellers and businesspeople to figure out the time at a destination and business partners.

TimeTraveller in Myanmar

TimeTraveller just switched to Myanmar Standard Time Zone

TimeTraveller did it’s job anyway and updated our computers time zone to the correct value. WiFi is still quite slow around Myanmar by the way and mobile internet very hard to get too. But the country is very well worth a visit.

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