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TimeTraveller in Shanghai

We’ve gone to a little scouting mission to Shanghai, China and are happy to report that TimeTraveller works fine here too.
But we found that the VPN connections that many expats use here to circumvent the great Chinese firewall can sometimes trick TimeTraveller to see the wrong location. To solve that we have updated TimeTraveller to ignore popular firewalls. If you have that problem please uninstall your old version and then download and install the new version from our website. The new version will only update the time based on straight internet connections and will ignore all the VPN tunnel connections. Let us know if there are any problems left there, for example with specific VPN services.
Automatically detected Chinese Timezone

By the way: Shanghai is a very interesting city. You can feel the energy of change here and see that China has come a long way. It’s big alright – 23 million people live here but some parts actually have a real neighbourhood feeling. Try the “Former French Concession” area around Wukang Road for that. There’s cafe’s and restaurants and tree-lined streets – not what you would expect for such a mega city.

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