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If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly.

We could stop there.

Or we could go on.

We’ll go on.

Our mission is to create software of elegant simplicity, that is exquisitely crafted pieces, fully featured and supported whose function is pure and simple.

Time Traveller is our first venture. It is small, and perfectly formed and its application will fine tune your life, save you time, and eliminate error.

There are more precious gems coming down the line; all of them will carry the Godot&Co ethos, pedigree, and sparkle. Software, essentially, that’s worth waiting for.

Claus Christensen

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Claus Christensen, the CEO of Godot & Co, has been writing software for 30 years. After university he worked for a computer vision company. Following that he headed up the electronics design team for an aircraft engine manufacturer.

In 2001 he decided it was time to invest in his own talent. In 2001 he founded Servolutions.com. It soon became a market leading software company specializing in products for e-mail servers. (Today more than 60.000 system administrators use Servolutions products in their organizations.)

Then in 2011 he had an idea. The kind of idea he liked - small but perfectly formed, a little gem, an application that no one else had perfected. And that is how he means to go on. Godot&Co is a labour of love with a sharp commercial edge. It is an opportunity to reinvent himself. And it is the chance to create the kind of unique software that will have been worth waiting for.


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